Meet the Team

TILLY - QUALITY CONTROL & PRODUCTION MANAGER - Thoroughly invested in all aspects of the company, you will regularly find Tilly inspecting the contents of any box, hiding soldiers that she maybe likes a little too much and triumphantly bringing me her prey (Toy Soldiers) at the wee hours of the morning... She has been known to gift customers 'freebies', so keep your eyes peeled for the catch of the day!

Abram and Ana Simon - Abram has been around the hobby for his entire life, always trying to get in his father's way (one could say).. Eager for a paintbrush to be put into his hand and given his own special project to work on.. I inherited Fleurbaix Toy Soldiers from my late father in 2012, with a lifetime of work to do! Ana manages the office work, but is really that poor wife who by default inherited 'An Army of Toy Soldiers marching in her sleep'... If we are both honest, the production manager above is the REAL BOSS!